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Announcing The Erotic Eye Workshop: BERLIN
donna ferrato
Mar 28, 2016
The Erotic Eye Workshop BERLIN
May 20-27, 2016

Eroticism is to strike to the inmost core of the living being, so that the heart stands still. -Georges Bataille

Last November The Erotic Eye workshop began in a 19th century Mallorcan farmhouse. Seven participants from across the world, one videographer, and three leading photographers lived together for seven days as a unit, live or die. Every night after a home-made dinner we reviewed the daily work and critiqued it. My constant message for the photographers was to engage all their senses and to be open to sexuality in all of its sublime manifestations. We were photographing real people with their own desires. They let us into their world and our job was to be there and create pictures without judgment.

I believe there is a sacred consciousness to be found by looking at the past and I want developing photographers to embrace the accomplishments of dead photographers. We can learn from the dead photographers who have created such a wealth of imagery since Niepce, by becoming them.

Berlin, historically one of the most sexually liberated cities in the world, is the destination for our next adventure. With my co-leaders Jane Evelyn Atwood, a gifted humanistic photographer with rigorous standards for honesty and compassion like no other; and Tomeu Coll, my fearless partner-in-photography, leading the way, there won’t be an erotic secret safe in Berlin. Brave new photographers who are ready to sign up for Berlin will be joining a select group of past workshop photographers already on their erotic journeys. 

All sex is political. All photography is personal. That’s how I see it.

To apply to The Erotic Eye, please send a one-page letter stating why you would like to attend the workshop, along with a link to your online portfolio to The cost of the workshop is $3,000 plus $250 food & alcohol surcharge. The course fee includes three meals per day & lodging for the full week. 

The best work from the trilogy will be published in a book by Fotoevidence.

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All great photography is about form and content. Photography is about poetry. When you see poverty, when you see suffering and misery… The picture has to convey that. -Philip Jones Griffiths

All of society is based on sexuality. -Miroslav Tichy

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Donna Ferrato. Photographer, activist, photojournalist. Living with the Enemy, Love & Lust, TriBeCa, Erotic Eye, Workshops, New York City based.
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